The Brian Kenny Podcast

Since an early age, I’ve always had an extreme passion for creating products. Now, I run a product agency called MiniCorp where we build profitable products & businesses from concepts & ideas. I’m also an advisor to some pretty great companies.

I love speaking about all things product and encouraging young entrepreneurs to take their leap. I love creating content on my journey. It offers transparency and helps me to see how I've progressed closer to my goals. It also to help inspire other creative entrepreneurs to do.

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    Being present

    I walk through how I’ve introduced strong goal setting into my daily life and what the effect has been so far in 2019.

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    What did 2018 bring for me?

    n 2018, I ran 1,300 kilometers, read some really interesting books and my eldest daughter, Lilly, started school. I spoke at lots of events, mentored some amazing young companies and grew MiniCorp further.

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    Building a Product: The Person

    In this episode of the Building a Product series, I talk about the person behind the idea. Why it is so important to understand yourself, how to motivate yourself and what impact your body and mind have on the outcome of the product or business.

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    Sean Judge — Recruitment, Building Teams and Startups

    Sean Judge is the entrepreneur in residence at Accenture where he helps facilitate the connection between young startups and Accenture. He also is a director at Upstarter, Ireland's only startup and technology-focused recruitment event where they bring startups, technology companies and job seekers together.

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    July made me cry!

    After a relaxing break with the family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧, we’re back to regularly scheduled podcasts 🎧! July has been a pretty extreme month between launching our event, our new branding and pushing into a big business development drive.

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