The Brian Kenny Podcast

Since an early age, I’ve always had an extreme passion for creating products. Now, I run a product agency called MiniCorp where we build profitable products & businesses from concepts & ideas. I’m also an advisor to some pretty great companies.

I love speaking about all things product and encouraging young entrepreneurs to take their leap. I love creating content on my journey. It offers transparency and helps me to see how I've progressed closer to my goals. It also to help inspire other creative entrepreneurs to do.

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    Struggling to Launch My Product

    Owning a product agency can seem like a perfect conduit to launch my own ideas but it can often end in frustrations.

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    Competing against myself

    Over the past year, I've become stronger, happier and healthier and I owe a lot to focusing on competing against myself rather than against others.

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    Running a Company Remotely

    During a recent trip to New York, I stumbled across lots of challenges on how to manage my time and be effective with my team in Dublin.

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    Robbie Skuse

    Robbie is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Kollect, the first real pay-as-you-go waste collection solution.

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    Building a Product Agency in New York

    I’ve started the process of growing MiniCorp outside of Europe and into New York. In this episode, I break down my strategy on how I’m approaching the growth by building a solid plan to execute on.

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    Brian Caulfield

    I sat down with the serial technology entrepreneur turned venture capital investor, Brian Caufield. Brian has started, sold and invested into a huge number of businesses over the years and is a venture partner at the renowned Draper Esprit.

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    What should you charge?

    It can be extremely challenging to understand what you or things are worth and what should be charged

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    Mental Health in Business

    I talk through one of the darkest moments I’ve lived through and how it’s vitally important to set up your business in a practical and healthy way that allows you to grow and fall back on others.

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    Being present

    I walk through how I’ve introduced strong goal setting into my daily life and what the effect has been so far in 2019.

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